The newly formed Chippendale Creative Precinct has been awarded a grant from the City of Sydney to promote the Chippendale area as a vibrant, creative hub.

Founded in 2010 by Nicky Ginsberg (NG Art Gallery), James Hackett (Hackett Films), Libby Jeffery (Momento Pro) & Peter Thompson (Zapruder’s Other Films) the Chippendale Creative Precinct aims to promote the area as a creative, sustainable community and a diverse and unique cultural meeting place.


The Chippendale Creative Precinct proudly presents the BEAMS Arts Festival 2012 – visit the website

Membership is open to creative businesses or individuals supporting or promoting creativity in Chippendale.

All creative types – Artists, Galleries, Fashion Designers, Printers, Graphic and Web Designers, Architects, Interior Designers, Furniture Suppliers and Designers, Writers, Film and Production Companies, Animators, and General Ingenious, Creative Thinkers – are encouraged to apply!

There are many benefits to being involved including invitations to free networking events and a listing in our online members directory.

For more details on membership and membership benefits click here.

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Read the 2011 Chippendale Creative Precinct Constitution

Read the 2012 President’s Report

Read the Minutes of CCP 2012 Annual General Meeting

Executive Committee:

The Chippendale Creative Precinct executive committee consists of:

President Nicky Ginsberg
Co-owner & Director, NG Art Gallery & Mission Restaurant Bar

Vice President Ian Garland
Managing Director, Garlandz

Treasurer Tim Sligo (newly appointed)
Former Chief Operating Officer, NewsLifeMedia Pty Limited

Legal Secretary Paul Bertram (newly appointed)
Solicitor, The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council

Grant McCorquodale (newly appointed)
Head of Cash Services, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Zak Shukla
Managing Director, Studio Nuvu

Juliet Ashworth
Co-owner and creative director, Chada

Trish Egan
Director, Community Relations, The Notre Dame University

We welcome the ongoing support of: James Hackett owner & director of Hackett Films, Libby Jeffery general manager & HR
at Momento Pro & Lisa Hresc head of corporate marketing at ABC, in a sub-committee role.


We would like to thank our major Sponsors:
City of Sydney
Frasers Property Australia

The ongoing support has been essential in the development of the Chippendale Creative Precinct.